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Autism is on the rise, and frighteningly so. Thirty years ago only two children in ten thousand were diagnosed with autism. Now the latest figures are: 1 child in 88 over the age of eight and one boy in 56 over the age of eight. Autism has gone beyond epidemic, to pandemic. Very few families are untouched by autism today, whether directly or indirectly.

The science is galloping to catch up with the massive rise in autism. So far, the studies coming out of the various research institutes point to environmental factors, notably greater toxicity in today's environment. This is both good news and bad news.

The good news is that anything environmental is treatable. And the human brain and nervous system are very plastic and can be rebuilt and re-patterned at almost any phase of life. The bad news is that environmental toxins are not going away.

But even better news is that, with the right interventions, autism need not be a catastrophe. Many adult autists, if they have the right envoronment and approaches as children, go on to successful careers, love lives and full integration in society. Horse Boy is at the cutting edge of this. So let's celebrate autism - a wonderful way of being - and all its gifts: a near ego-lessness, photographic memory, the ability to concentrate on the task at hand without distraction, an intellect often operating far in advance of the norm....

Come celebrate with us, and support the families whose children, with the right interventions, will join the leaders oftomorrow!