We are a non-profit organization in Elgin, TX serving Central Texas autism families FREE OF CHARGE.

Founded by Rupert Isaacson in 2007, since its inception our organization has helped hundreds of Central Texas families and – through our satellite centers – thousands more families across the USA. It all started when Elgin-ite Rupert first took his son into the saddle with him on their Quarter Horse mare Betsy, and found that his obsessive behaviors simply fell away: he even learned to speak on Betsy’s back.

Over the past 7 years Rupert and his team have developed a range of Methods that help autistic kids communicate, as well as helping them with academics through kinetic learning – methods that are now endorsed by the University of Texas and school districts in both the USA and Europe.

Our organization now trains hundreds of people per year in our two main approaches: Horse Boy Method (working with kids and horses), and Horse Boy Learning (using play-based, occupational, and behavioral methodologies to make homeschool/classroom environments more autism friendly).

The Horse Boy Fest is not only intended to raise funds for the foundation to enable us to keep offering services FREE OF CHARGE to Central Texas families. It is also intended to celebrate the many gifts of autism and raise awareness.

Our Mission

Bring the healing effects of horses and kinetic learning to autism families. Our non-profit has a simple mission: bring the healing effects of horses, nature and supportive community to autism families FREE OF CHARGE.

Celebrating the gifts of autism: Most people regard autism as a disease, dysfunction and disorder. What we have found is that, with the right approaches, the gifts of autism, - which include often higher than normal intellect, near photographic memory, astonishing lack of ego, and an uncanny ability for intense concentration – come to fore, enabling autists to become highly productive members of society. We work with adult autists that have made their careers successful. With autism rates at 1000% growth and rising, we are training the leaders of tomorrow. Academics, college, careers – it’s all possible if you take the right approach.

Building tribe for families

We serve the entire family, not just the affected child. Non autistic siblings can ride with us, do sports, learn animal husbandry and ranching, even computer programming and martial arts. Whatever their dream, we make it happen – because in over 80% of special needs families there are no resources to address the siblings’ needs. By addressing the brother and sisters’ dream, and the autistic child’s needs FREE OF CHARGE- we heal whole families.